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Classic Floors are a York based company established in 1988, covering York and the surrounding areas, including Harrogate, Leeds and Selby.

We specialise in the restoration and renovation of herringbone, parquet, pine and all types of hardwood and exotic wood flooring.
Catering for both domestic and commercial customers in and around York, each of our clients receive the highest level of service and attention to detail.

Most domestic floors covered by carpet have dirt ground into the wood. Often they have been stained or painted around the edges. The floor would need to be clear of carpet, underlay and gripper rods prior to the floor being stripped. This can be removed for a small cost.

Initial contact would be to arrange a visit to discuss with the customer what work is required, ie. Staining, strip only, gap filling, stripping and varnishing etc. Once this has been established you would receive a written quotation, outlining the price of labour and materials. If the quote is successful a convenient date would be arranged for the work to commence.

The Process
A course 24 grit sanding sheet is run over the floor using a belt sander to remove any dirt in the wood. It would normally be cross sanded to get the floor even.
Any minor damage would be filled with a 2 pack filler. If the floor is being mass filled we use Bonakemi's "MIX AND FILL". The floor would then be sanded with 40, 80 and finally 120 grit paper. When the floor is perfectly smooth and even, 3 coats of BONA RESIDENT water based floor varnish is applied, sanding lightly between coats.

The main difference between Commercial and Domestic work is the type of finish that is used. For standard domestic floors BONA RESIDENT is used unless the area is a high traffic area then BONA MEGA would be used.
For commercial floors we use BONA TRAFFIC, a 2 pack waterborne system that is extremely resistant to wear and specifically designed for use in commercial premises.
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